Let’s talk about technology

The connection between Facebook and Google, and the platforms that make it possible has opened the door for new options in data collection, advertising and research.

We work with people, businesses and organizations to build integrated systems for uses in Advertising, E-Commerce, Research and Politics.  We will teach you how to plan for what you need, set it up and monitor it. 

Being in complete control of your own communication, branding and research platforms is invaluable and no longer only available to the largest organizations.






These 5 tools in combination are the key

Whether you want to study a population, sell a pizza or build a new agency: understanding how each of these works together is key. Most businesses, organizations and governments have a cursory understanding of one or two at least, knowing how they work in conjuction allows you to take full advantage of the most sophisticated communications technology available.

Social Media

We break down Facebook and Instagram advertising so that you can understand everything from boosted posts to automated ads. 


Learn about how it can benefit your business to plan and receive reports on the information you need to make decisions and measure success.


We specialize in setting up Woocommerce options for any business type. Simple or Complex, we can show you how to design, manage and automate.

We know this stuff sounds complicated


but it doesn’t have to be

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