Social Media in Thunder Bay

Hi, Jim here.

If you live in Thunder Bay you know our city feels unique. We often resign ourselves to what we consider facts of Northern living. The cost of doing business however does not always have to reflect our location.

For years I have worked with social media assets to strengthen and develop businesses, I enjoy getting to connect with people on that level and helping them to realize their own options.

Since Max and I formed KingMaker, I have gotten to meet more people in different sectors and really dial in on how the needs of our business community enmesh with the options they have available.

I would have to say our biggest barrier to success in this arena as a community is knowledge. Knowledge of what we need, what is available and how to make it work for us.

I have known for years that the CPM (cost per thousand) on Radio and Print ads are not really feasible for small business. It is dozens of times more expensive than social and you can’t track the results. I see now more and more Tbay brands really digging into social, going the distance to show we as a city are hungry to grow and prove who we are.

We have Chefs paving the way for cuisine in Northern Ontario, we have clothing brands, musicians and hot sauce. We have tech companies, craft breweries, ride sharing and hostels. We have whole media companies dedicated to helping showcase these brands with some of the most gifted photography and video creation I have ever seen.

The problem is no one really gets the next step.

In order to access complex demographic, geographic and behavior based targeting and re-targeting, businesses are again forced to budget extreme amounts to keep up. I hate that, and while I had fun this last year developing those systems for clients, I really felt like the best course of action was to make it available to anyone.

Whether you are a farmer or car salesman, media professional or pizza person, you need this stuff.

  • Your caterering business needs to automate leads and follow up
  • You need this for your engineering firm to get messaging to areas before and during jobs.
  • You need this to drive donations to your not-for-profit
  • You need this to automate your eccomerce store for your cool new brand
  • You need this to define your audience and get the word out about your bands show
  • You need this to help reach your constituents and refine your messaging based on individuals
  • Your governement agency needs this to track engagement and reach targets
  • Your media company needs this to sell to clients
  • Your real estate firm needs this to automate incoming warm leads

Everyone needs this.

From kids looking to trade shoes over instagram to people running for MPP.

We have a conference (big workshop) coming upon May 30th at SGBC and I would love for anyone to join us there.


We are going to break down the processes behind planning, setting up and reporting on everything you need to know. I will be breaking down everything from content creation, to back end dashboards and what numbers you need to watch.

Then after, you are going to have permanent access to the online version of the same course that I will be updating over and over as each process evolves. This will include my index on notes, tools and best practices as well. You will have everything you need.

If you have any questions, feel free to message KingMaker on facebook or even me personally.


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